Bluffton boy's camp

~ Items & Times  ~

We will be departing Friday at 12:00 noon from the Bluffton North parking lot.  Make sure your son eats lunch before he is dropped off.  Please have your son there between 11:30-11:45 AM, so we can leave promptly at noon. 

We will be returning Sunday between 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM to the Bluffton North parking lot. If things change we will text/email updates.


Please label all possible items with your name in permanent marker.

Items for every year:

- Bible

- Completed Medical Release Form & Activity Waiver (if not already turned in)

- Sleeping Bag and pillow

- Toiletries and small shampoo

- Bath/Beach Towel 

- Any special medications or supplies you need

- A couple pairs of t-shirts and shorts

- Swimsuit

- Several pairs of Underwear and socks

- Small bottle of Bug Repellent

- Small bottle of Sunscreen

- Small flashlight to walk around with (optional)

- Garbage bag for dirty clothes!!!! 

Special items needed for spelunking years:

- Jacket/sweatshirt and a pair of long pants or jeans

- Extra pair of shoes that will get muddy!

- Small flashlight (a good working one)

- Kneepads (if you have them, some will be supplied)